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Spirit Wear Reminder!

Just a reminder that spirit wear is on sale until Wednesday night. We have sample sizes if you want your child to try an item on before ordering. All paper orders are due back to school Wednesday. Online orders can be made directly at

Don’t delay if you are planning on ordering spirit wear.!




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The Umbrella Project

Welcome to The Umbrella Project!

This school year, your child will be participating in The Umbrella Project. The

Umbrella Project is a curriculum designed to help your child learn the skills of

emotional wellbeing. This year we will be focusing on empathy, growth mindset,

cognitive flexibility, authenticity, purpose, kindness, self-efficacy, optimism and

lifestyle. Developing these skills will help your child

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YOU A.C.T. Performance

Please see attached for information for the YOU A.C.T. fall performance of JONAH-MAN Jazz. There are children from our school involved in YOU A.C.T. which is funded by the Township of North Dumfries. Please review the flyer for pertinent details.

YOU A.C.T. presentation

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School Spirit Wear returns

Spirit wear is now on sale for any interested families. Product samples in various sizes are available this week in the main office if you would like to check out the quality and sizing of the items. Please see attached for ordering information. All orders are due online or via paper on Wednesday, November 13,

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Spirit Wear

St. Brigid Spirit Wear is available once again for purchase beginning this week. Orders may be placed online with School Tee or submit the paper copy of the order form with payment (to School Tee) to the main office. Please see attached order form for the details. All orders are due by Wednesday, November 14th

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Mission Day Donation/Card of thanks – Mom 2 Mom Africa

With Celtic Pride, please see attachment for a card of thanks to our school community for your generosity and support of our 2019 Mission Day. A portion of our donations went to support science equipment at a school in Africa and our school name is painted on the wall as acknowledgement to

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Doyle Grade 8 Parent Night & Pathway Night

On November 28th beginning at 6pm, grade 8 students and parents are welcome to come to our school to hear some information about Monsignor Doyle and to have an opportunity to explore the school further.  The night will begin in our cafeteria at 6 pm with a formal presentation followed by tours

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