Just a reminder that the purpose of our School Board’s Attendance & Safe Arrival Program is to ensure that all children have arrived at school safely.  If the school has not received a call or note from you, it is necessary for the school to contact you to ensure that your child is safe. If your child is not able to attend school, please contact the school.  The answering machine is on after school hours to take your message.

 Please call 519-632-5101 and provide the following information:

*child’s name   *child’s teacher   *date child will be absent   *reason for absence

Please Note:   It is very important that you notify the school promptly of any changes in phone numbers.  The most up-to-date information is always required.

 If your child misses the bus after school, please remind him/her to stay at school and report to the main office. The Administrative Assistant, Principal or Teacher Delegate of Authority will call the parent to plan for student pick up.