On Sunday, November 3rd, the Ayr Cenotaph will be rededicated. In 1922 when the Cenotaph was dedicated, school children laid flowers at the base of the cenotaph during the service.

We would like to recreate this gesture and are looking for 58 children aged (9 and over) to lay the flowers, one for every soldier from Ayr and North Dumfries who were killed in WWI and WWII. St. Brigid School has 6 interested student volunteers to date in addition to Ayr Public and Cedar Creek Public Schools.

The service is being attended by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

If your child would like to participate, please contact:

Irene Schmidt-Adeney

519-632-7432 (work)

519-632-7459 (cell)

Details include:

  • Sunday, November 3 @ 1:45 p.m. –  Children assemble at the Ayr Cenotaph in a designated area near the intersection of Northumberland Street and Stanley Street in downtown Ayr.

There will be a marshalling volunteer (Ms. Pat Radke) to assist the children.

  • Parents are welcome to stand with/near the children.
  • Dress warmly, and appropriately. Please no camouflage.
  • Poppies will be distributed at the Cenotaph. Please wear on left side of chest.
  • At the appropriate time during the Rededication service, the children will proceed in file to lay a carnation at the base of the Cenotaph
  • Service will end at 2:45 p.m., but we understand that if it is cold, children may have to leave.