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Important Parking Lot Safety Reminders

September 2017

Safety in our parking lot is always a concern, especially at the beginning and end of the school day!

Please review the following reminders:

1. In the parking lot please park in the marked parking spots and walk student to the school yard. If the student is late (after 8:35 AM) walk them in the front entrance because there is no adult supervision at the front of the school.

2. The quick drop area is only for morning drop off (do not stop or park there to pick up).

3. Only buses and authorized vehicles are to use the loop area.

4. Please adhere to this safety plan throughout the whole school day.

5. After school and during school hours, you must park in the parking lot to pick up children.

Please also review the map with your child (ren) and remind them only to walk in the Student Safe Zones and on the


Thank you to all parents for making our parking lot a safe place each and every day!!


Cathy Kuntz




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