Dear Parents and Guardians,

Today was the first day of the previously announced two-week closure of all schools in Ontario to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

I know that this is not easy for you.   We have all been impacted by COVID -19 in some way.   I know that many of you wanted to be in school today.  The staff at St. Brigid wants to be there to greet you.  Our staff wanted to talk to our students about their March Break and wanted to dive back into teaching and learning.  We wanted to feel the excitement of the first day back from March break.  However, these are extraordinary times.

I want to let you know that both the school and the WCDSB wish to stay in communication with you and we will keep you updated on the latest developments, resources and any impact on schools and learning.

Best Health Practices: it is vitally important for all of us to monitor and follow the direction of medical officials.

I know there are many questions that you have regarding the continuation of learning.  The ministry of education has launched a website: where students can continue their learning for the next two weeks while schools are closed.  I would also suggest that students review the work that has been completed in their classes to date.    As the situation unfolds, the Ministry of Education will be providing more direction if schools are closed beyond the two week period.

I know that for our grade 8 class this is a challenging time for you. You are concerned about your courses, graduation and your last year of elementary school.

Keep the Faith: our local diocese has a web page with helpful resources so Catholics can remain in touch with their faith while churches are closed.

Stay Mentally Healthy: the WCDSB FOS Social Worker is available to talk on the phone or through email should you have any questions or concerns or feel like she can be a support to your child(ren) or family. The following website has valuable information to support student mental health during this time.

We know that the uncertainty, significant alterations to daily routines and structures, and changes to social interactions with important people in our lives can result in accumulated stress.

Please know that each and everyone of you are missed and that the staff at St. Brigid will pray for everyone every day.  We will see each other soon and for me personally, that gives me great hope.

If there is anything I can do as Principal, please get in contact with me.  My email is

Please stay safe and healthy.


Cathy Kuntz