As you are aware, our St. Brigid School Family has several members who are allergic to nuts and nut products. In order to ensure their safety, we ask all parents to check the labels on the products you send to school with your child(ren) to ensure that they do not contain nuts or nut products and have not been in contact with nuts or nut products. Many items that you might not expect to contain nuts often do so we ask that you take an extra few minutes to check items being sent to school.

We also remind parents that peanut butter and other nut spreads are not allowed at school. Since staff are not able to distinguish alternate nut products, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board also states that products such as WOW butter are not acceptable in our schools. Please refrain from sending sandwiches etc. with these types of products to school.

We would also like to ask that children who may have been in contact with nuts or nut products, thoroughly wash their hands before leaving home. This will help us to ensure that our allergic children do not come in contact in any way with products they may be allergic to. Thank you for your cooperation.